Business Model

In Kinich Energy we give priority to the quality and technology applied to solar and wind plants, which today exist in the market.

The company includes in its business model throughout the value chain, always seeking the greater energy efficiency, as a guarantee of success in our projects, always looking for the maximum profitability for our customers.

Kinich Energy at all stages of the value chain has the experience of its management team, the professionalism of its collaborators and strategic partners and a wide knowledge of the market.

Our main activities are:

  • Location of best sites, land, points of evacuation.

  • To contribute to the projects bilateral contracts of purchase and sale of energy, at a price and term determined to eliminate risks and uncertainties for both parties.

  • Management of permits, licenses, fees, reports and authorizations required for the construction and interconnection of the projects to the network.

  • Studies of wind and solar radiation through the installation of first class equipment level that will enable their bankability.

  • Development of photovoltaic and wind projects up to take them to the stadium Ready to Build (RTB).

  • Turnkey project, including the implementation of the detail engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

  • Development of Project Finance, Due Diligence, search for investors, the marketing of third party developments, etc.